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Tabor Village announces the acquisition of Valhaven Care Home
Tabor Village has acquired Valhaven Care Home. The acquisition closed on January 16, 2017 and increases Tabor Village’s capacity to care for an additional 26 seniors.
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Cherry Lane Improvements
Including funds raised at our dinner on May 27, 2016, you have donated over $40,000 to improve the living space and lives of the residents of Cherry Lane!  Watch this space for updates on how we are using your generous gifts to make Cherry Lane feel less institiutional, and more like home!

Tabor Court passes BCSLA Seal of Approval bi-annual inspection with 100%
This designation, granted by the BC Seniors Living Association, identifies Tabor Court as an operator that provides its Tenants with the highest levels of safety, security, and service. For the full story on our Facebook page, click here.  

Fall Prevention
Falls are one of the leading reasons why older adults lose their independence.  Read up on the topic, and what Tabor is doing to reduce fall-related incidents, by clicking here.

Do you have a green thumb?
Would you like to put it to use and help to make Tabor Home a more beautiful place to live and visit? If so, click here and read about some great volunteer opportunities in the garden at Tabor Home!
Looking to help out in other ways? Contact Us and complete a volunteer application!

Are you in the process of selecting a Residential Care Facility for yourself or a loved one?  Read the Province of BC's Help in Selecting a Residential Care Facility Handbook here.

Tabor Home Resident a Finalist in Poetry Institute of Canada Competition

October 2015
This summer, a handful of Tabor Home Residents entered a competition held by the Poetry Institute of Canada. We are pleased and excited to announce that Prisma S. is a finalist!  Her poem “Wild Flowers” will be published in the upcoming anthology: Spring’s Gentle Rain. She is now entered to win a grand prize which will be judged and announced in winter 2015/2016.  Congratulations Prisma! 

Tabor Village’s “Success Story” SafeCare BC
July 2015
Tabor Home is one of many care homes in the province that are using innovative methods to encourage the development of a positive health and safety culture in the workplace.  Corina Castronuovo, Manager Human Resources for Tabor Village, and Susanne Fehr, Housekeeping & Laundry Manager for Tabor Home, were interviewed by SafeCare BC to find out what is working in Tabor Home to keep staff safe...Click here to read the full article

Vancouver Sun Opinion Editorial: Beyond the comfort of home

June 5, 2015
Maria is 105 years of age. In her bedroom, the centenarian sits comfortably in a high-back chair with a view of Boston Harbour. Within an arm’s reach is a remote control designed for her with large numbers to enhance independent TV watching. Next to her wall-mounted flatscreen TV is a chalk board..... Click here to read the full article

Vancouver Sun Opinion Editorial: World’s fastest senior defies aging

May 2, 2015
Popularly called ‘BJ’, this 87-year-old North Vancouver resident has shattered marathon records since she began running at 55. At 87 years of age, Betty Jean McHugh holds the world’s record as the fastest senior in her age group. On a recent marathon training run on the hilly North Shore trails, BJ, as she likes to be called, shared with me her secrets to discovering the fountain of youth. She is a celebrity..... Click here to read the full article

Appearances on the David Berner Show





Vancouver Sun Opinion Editorial: Technology can keep seniors safe

April 4, 2015
Rose is an 80-year-old with congestive heart failure and diabetes. She is able to safely live independently at home thanks to sensor technology that monitors changes in her health status, reducing the visits to the doctor’s office. Data recorded from the sensors alert her family..... Click here to read the full article

Vancouver Sun Opinion Editorial: Still Alice shines spotlight on Alzheimer’s disease

February 20, 2015
“I have something wrong with me. I’ve been seeing a neurologist. They think it may be early onset Alzheimer’s disease. I did not want to tell you because I did not know anything for sure, but I’ve been doing all these tests and I’m scared. I got lost while I was running on campus a while ago and I can’t remember appointments, words. It’s like something drops out from under me.”..... Click here to read the full article

Vancouver Sun Opinion Editorial: Is this the future for nursing homes?

December 7, 2014
Weesp is an idyllic Dutch town with narrow cobblestone streets, canals, windmills, stores selling wooden shoes, and cheese shops. But what has put Weesp on the map are not the tourist attractions, but a neighbourhood designed and built exclusively for people with advanced stages of dementia who can no longer live independently..... Click here to read the full article

Vancouver Sun Opinion Editorial: Growing older is not a reason to stop living your life

September 12, 2014
Tom Watson, who turned 65 this month, made the cut at the 2014 British Open and finished at 1-over par, 18 strokes behind the Open champion Rory McIlroy, 40 years younger than the five-time British champion...... Click here to read the full article

Vancouver Sun Opinion Editorial: Therapeutic garden gives seniors a purpose

July 17, 2014
Dorothy Braun, with the assistance of her walker, walks after breakfast into the centre courtyard of Tabor Village’s complex care home to check on the growth of the tomatoes. She picks a ripe cherry tomato and smiles as she bites into a burst of flavours filling her tastebuds.... Click here to read the full article

Vancouver Sun Opinion Editorial: Homes for aged have come a long way, baby

April 14, 2014
For the first time, by 2017, Canada will be home to more people older than 65 than children under 15. The demographic shift has already been a marked by an increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases, resulting in the larger number of long-term care residents with multiple complex diagnoses... Click here to read the full article


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