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Board and Leadership


Get to know our Leadership Team


Tabor Village - Campus of Care
Tel: 604-859-8715

Dan Levitt   Executive Director
Ron Willms   Director of Finance
Al Gerbrand   Buildings & Grounds Manager
Corina Castronuovo
  Human Resources Manager
Carli Pierrot   Executive Assistant

Tabor Home - Residential Care
Tel: 604-859-8715

Joanna Martin   Director of Resident Care
Rebecca Clark   Volunteer & Recreation Coordinator
Gloria Moorhouse   Food Services Coordinator
Susanne Fehr   Housekeeping & Laundry Manager
Leona Penner   Social Work Services



Tabor Court - Assisted Living
Tel: 604-859-8718

Jackie Reiners   Director of Housing
Sarah Wieler   Tenant Care Coordinator
Paula Joubert   Housekeeping & Laundry Coordinator
Brenda Hubbard   Leisure Services Coordinator
Francisco Alvarenga   Food Services Coordinator

Tabor Manor - Independent Living
Tel: 604-859-8715

Jackie Reiners   Director of Housing

Get to know our Board of Directors


Hildegard Bandsmer   Chairperson
Carol Wiebe   Secretary & Vice Chairperson
Harry Groenwold   Treasurer
Sally Cui    
Bill Dyck    
Marilyn Heibert    
Pat Janzen    
Jake Konrad    
Len Neufeld    
Joy Rees    
Vic Martens    
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