Bill Dyck

Dotted Line

Bill has a passion for the well being of seniors, especially those in Tabor Village.

After pastoring for 3 years and spending 15 years as Executive Director of Youth For Christ in Alberta, Winnipeg, and Vancouver, he achieved his education in marriage and family counselling in California. In 1980 Bill and his wife Charlotte founded Pacific Family Life Counselling in Vancouver. In 2004 after Charlotte was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, Bill spent much of his time caregiving to Charlotte, until her death in April, 2013.

Bill has significant experience in counselling, administration, management, public relations, and fund raising.  Bill also gained experience in business, running the organization of PFL and founding New Image College. PFL was sold in 2005. New Image, founded by Bill and Charlotte in 1981, is a very successful career college in down town Vancouver and owned and operated by their daughter. Bill is still very much involved with New Image, has a private counseling practice, acts as chairman of MMF, a Missionary Organization (also a personal passion) and is a member of the Board of Directors of Tabor Village. He brings his years of experience, education, skills, energy, and passion to focus on helping make Tabor Village an excellent place of care, and to raise the necessary resources to develop first class facilities that will match Tabor’s mission to provide “Care from the Heart."

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